Philip Smith, O2 Landscapes

As part of my work at the Ellerslie Flower Show 2005, we used 'BIG FOOT' wheelbarrows for the extensive planting job of installing thousands of plants over a two week period. The large carrying capacity of the barrows was very useful in the transport of plants and mulch on-site. The enlarged wheel was particularly useful in the dealing with an uneven site, as we have found on private jobs on which we have used the 'BIG FOOT' barrow following the Show. The best aspect of the barrows, in comparison with traditional barrows, is the stability and eveness of movement, when one is shifting materials with them. This seems to be delivered by the improved wheel. On a more frivolous note, the availability of the barrows in a range of colours is a particularly good aspect for business image. The bright blue colour of the barrow is matched to the business vehicle; a detail which helps in the promotion of a proffesional, distinct image. I have found the 'BIG FOOT' barrow a valuable addition to our landscaping tools, particularly for shifting lightweight materials such as plants and mulch.

Gerard Curtice, Managing Director, Silverfern Landscapes

"After a two week trial of the BIG FOOT wheelbarrow, I was very impressed with the construction and it's capacity to carry large amounts of products. I am pleased to have purchased some BIG FOOT Barrows, and I would highly recommend them to anyone."

Brent Dow, Operations Manager, Landscape Greenworks, Techscape

"Techscape trialled the BIG FOOT wheelbarrow for a 2 week period while undertaking a large bark placement job. We were impressed by it's sturdy construction and it's carrying ability. We highly recommend this barrow for anyone looking to move large volumes of any product."

Simon Farrell, Managing Director, Teragona Landscaping

"Teragona Landscaping uses BIG FOOT wheel barrows and they have been a tremendous asset to our landscaping business."

Phil Stoddard, Creative Environments

"I use BIG FOOT wheelbarrows in my landscaping business. They have good balance and with a large capacity bowl they are ideal for moving bulk materials."

Brent Farquhar, Gecko Landscapes Waiheke Ltd

"BIG FOOT barrows are perfect for Waiheke Island's often rugged coastal sites. They are lightweight and can carry big volume which is ideal for loading up with mulch and pushing around steep and awkward sites which saves a lot of time and energy."

Howard Saunders, Manager, Natural Habitats, Landscape Development Division

"I have found the BIG FOOT barrow a very valuable addition to our equipment. It is particulary useful for mulching as it carrys considerably more than a convential barrow. In these times of escalating cost it is great to find a tool that enhances productivity. Each of my teams have at least one BIG FOOT barrow and they are all keen to have more!"